What a week this has been!! We decided in just a few days .. THRIFTY Ice Cream was the road we were taking. As a family headed to Rocky Point Mexico twice a year, we must have eaten at Thrifty’s at least THREE times while we were there for a 4 day trip. It was all we seemed to talk about BEFORE the trip, ‘We need to stop at Thrifty’s on the way in, while we are there AND on the way out’. It was what our family of 6 plus our parents and 3 more RV’s loaded with family and friends all anticipated. Thrifty Ice Cream!! Sadly, after only a few weeks back home, we all had a lingering void of ice cream in our mouths. Mind you, this was EVERY time .. for YEARS!!! After a few hours thought, we said to ourselves ‘We can NOT be the only ones feeling like this. We need to bring back the memories’ and so here we are.