Our Family

This is our family. We are a family of six with 4 daughters and we are always making memories together. We raised our girls based on our morals and traditional family values. Our family respects each others differences and we celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. I can say that we definitely spent more time than money on our kids and camping is one example of our great investment. We are family owned and operated and chances are you will see a few of us or other family and friends serving your Thrifty Ice Cream.home

Our Silver

We also have Silver’s in our family. You know, our parents! Hence the name ‘Silver Scoops’. We could not have moved forward without the help of our parents. We appreciate them and all the advice they give us, though sometimes unsolicited (ha ha ha)! But truth be told, we don’t make a move without them. They are a very important part of our success and we could not continue to make memories without them.