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thrifty-logoIn the 1930’s, the Borun brothers ran a string of Thrifty Cut-Rate Drug Stores. The brothers then decided to make their own in-house ice cream. The first batch came out in 1940Ā from a small Hollywood factory. A decade later, they introduced the cylinder-shaped stainless steel scooper. By the 1970’s Thrifty ice cream was a household name. Who remembers piling into the family car to get a cone for as little as 5 or 15 cents??

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My Thrifty History

Born and raised in Tucson, AZ .. Thrifty ice cream is as nostalgic to me as Kinney Shoes, Shakey’s PizzaĀ and the Apache Drive In. I remember my Tata saying out of the blueĀ ‘Let’s go! Get in the Charlie’, which at the timeĀ was his 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. I must have beenĀ 5 orĀ 6 years oldĀ at the time and I’d get in theĀ back seatĀ with no questions asked. We would end up in downtown TucsonĀ at Thrifty’s Drug Store, in front of this spectacular view of the ice cream counter that had more flavors than I could ever count. I was in heaven and he knew it! The look in his eyes was a look of defiance against my parents for his very first grand child. He would say, ‘Go ahead and get what ever you want’, in Spanish.Ā Ā Well of course, I could never make up my mind but he always knew what flavor he wanted .. vanilla! As I look up to heaven, ‘Hi Tata, Guess what? I still don’t know what flavor I want!’

AndĀ that is MY Thrifty history. I will always have wonderful memories of my grandfather and growing up, I’m just so over the moon that Thrifty ice cream is a part of those memories. That’s where this adventure began and I didn’t even know it at the time. It wouldn’t be until years later that I realized the most powerful memories are a series of moments in our lives.

What do YOU remember about Thrifty ice cream? Please share your timeless treasures with us.